Ida Barbarigo's workshop - Venezia

The Cadorin bottega exhibition stems from the need to protect an extraordinary artistic and historical heritage: a record of intense activity by at least three generations of artists, architects, musicians and photographers working in Venice between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The genealogy of this family, who are worthy successors to the great art workshops of the Republic of Venice, represents a unique interweaving of lives under the banner of art, from the sculptor Vincenzo, the photographer Augusto Tivoli and the Fiorini lute-makers, to the architect Brenno del Giudice and the painters Guido Cadorin, Livia Tivoli, Ida Barbarigo and Zoran Music. The exhibition, from an idea by Daniela Ferretti, consists of more than two hundred works carefully selected by Jean Clair, and it will be held in the monumental spaces of Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, with an exhibition itinerary that evokes and documents not only the fascinating studios of a dynasty of artists, but also the lively intellectual context of the city. The “The Cadorin bottega. A dynasty of Venetian artists” exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue featuring numerous critical texts by Jean Clair, Laura Bossi Regnier, Valerio Terraroli, Silvia Carminati, Ester Brunet, Monique Cadorin, Marco Vallora.

The photographs presented below are part of the exhibition.